Friday, June 22, 2012

Rock the Week Away

Hello, hello, hello! Welcome to Weekly Ramble issue 17. Just to start things off I would like to thank you for reading this ramble, especially if you are one of my returning readers, so thanks! Today I will ramble about a few things, most of them are anime related but I’ll also have some non-anime related topics like a certain video game that I recently returned to and a trip to “The Creator’s Corner”! Also, as always, we’ll see what’s new in “Semajj’s Bookshelf”, we’ll take a look at this week’s score in “Rambler Versus the World” and I’ll give you another new song to listen to! Let’s go!

As you may or may-not know next weekend is Anime Expo and it is more or less the highlight of my year. As Day 0 draws closer time seems to pass slower and my attention seems to falter more frequently than normal. But that’s not the point of this topic, no; this topic is to update anyone interested in keeping up-to-date with Anime Expo related things. Such as their latest version of the AX Schedule. Or perhaps their latest Guest of Honor Announcements. And even their Mobile App which will launch sometime today. Another thing that will possibly be happening is Crunchyroll’s live video stream at AX. I would stop by and wave to my many adoring fans (hah hah hah…) but I’m a little, and by a little I mean extremely, camera shy; but maybe I can have them hold my /AMP/ card up to the camera. Which reminds me; I need to check on the status of those…

Anywho, you can follow Anime Expo (and Me if you want) on Twitter to stay up-to-date on all the latest Anime Expo news. Alternatively you can visit the AX Forums for even more information and possibly some fun threads to read. I would like the suggest the “GAME: Name to Name Anime Character Edition” game thread started by myself, it’s pretty fun if you’ve got some spare time.

Concerning anime, Crunchyroll has already started announcing titles for their Summer 2012 Simulcast Schedule! So far there are only three titles on their list and, to be honest, I haven’t really looked into any of the upcoming Summer titles (I’m still almost a month behind on most of the Spring ones), but I can say that I am looking forward to at least one of these shows. The first announcements was “Muv Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse” I haven’t done my homework, but I’m pretty sure that this is a side-story to an existing series, but like I said I’m not sure, I’ll probably have more information when I find time to look at all of the Summer titles. The second show that Crunchyroll announced was “The Ambition of Oda Nobuna”; this show is another “Warring States Era” show, I’m not sure if it is going to be all action like “Sengoku Basara” or more of a comedy like the currently simulcasting “Warring States Era” show “Sengoku Collection (Parallel World Samurai)” but I’ll probably check it out, just because I like me some good ol’ fashion sword fights. And finally Crunchyroll announced “Yuruyuri Season 2” the sequel to “Yuruyuri”. I’m pretty excited about this one, the first season was enjoyable and I’m looking forward to more of the same comedy with Season 2.

And lastly, while I’m on an anime-inspired roll, I’m probably going to compile a list of the Spring 2012 shows that I watched and post them on a separate page here on this blog site so that you, my readers, can know what I’ve watched! I won’t be rating or reviewing them because I can’t do it. I’m probably better at math than I am writing reviews, and I suck at math! But I normally don’t continue/finish shows that I find boring/a waste of time, so if it appears on that page you can assume that I found it somehow entertaining! But that won’t be for a while one, because I’m not caught up on the Spring season and two, because the Spring season isn’t quite finished yet.

Just a few quick reminders before I get on with the rest of the ramble:

I am currently holding an art contest for the cover of my next short-story, details can be found here

I am also looking for someone to do a guest post next Friday (since I’ll be livin’ it up at AX); you can leave a comment below or e-mail me at if you’re interested. If I don’t find a guest poster I’ll probably end up rambling next Wednesday, just to keep my streak going!

I know this ramble is getting lengthy, but I’m in the mood to write, so…meh! Earlier this week I went to the grave-yard of old games that is my living room cabinet and dug out one of my favorite games: Rock Band 2! So I booted up my Xbox, dusted off my plastic six-string (more like five-button) guitar and got back to rockin’! At first I had some trouble getting into the “groove” but after a warm-up song I found the beat and scored some pretty rockin’ scores (considering I hadn’t played since November of last year). I haven’t scored a gold star yet, but I have completed many songs on Expert with five stars so I don’t think my half-a-year break took too much out of me. Although, my forearms did start to feel a bit sore by the end of night one…

And now, it’s time we walk on over (figuratively of course, you don’t have to get up) to “The Creator’s Corner” to see what’s going on with the various projects that I am conducting!

Today’s “TCC” is more of a review of all of my current projects and some of my personal thoughts concerning said projects. First off is “NEw (title subject to change)” I haven’t been working on “NEw” all too much lately, although I have “storycrafted” a huge change in the first few “books” recently so I’ve got my work cut out for me when I get back to trying to solidify it. I also changed the mechanics of the “Magic Engine” that I may or may not have mentioned in a previous ramble (I think I have, but I can’t remember and am too lazy to check), so that will be another small obstacle to conquer when I return to “NEw”. “Volt” is still “Volt” and I haven’t really done anything with it, although I did come up with a cool scene with a special guest character that I think will be fun for everyone. And finally “Eleven” but more importantly the related short-story “Titan”. I’ve been working a lot on “Titan II” I’m on my fourth overall rewrite and second “final version” rewrite. It has changed drastically from version to version and I think it is headed in a good direction. On that note I am just under 100 downloads for “Titan” and that makes me really happy! I wish I could have more feed-back, which characters people liked, what was confusing, what they liked, what they disliked, etc, etc. But hey I’m over-the-top happy that nearly 100 people have read my story (well I assume they read it anyway). So if you liked “RE;Inspiration: Titan” please share it with your friends, here is the link for it; y’know, just in case.

And that’s all folks! Let’s see before we go I’ll show you the newest item in “Semajj’s Bookshelf” (oh yeah, I’ve dropped the whole picture thing, I’m just not cut out to be a photographer!) this week I received “Zakuro the Complete Series Premium Box Set”! I received the box and there was a big hole in the art box, but since RightStuf is so awesome they’re sending me a brand new art box and Disc One cover (because that was also damaged when the box got holed) for free!

And now (I think I’m picking up a bad habit of starting sentences with “and”) I bring to you the sad score for this week’s game of “Rambler Versus the World”: 1 to 6, the World. This makes my second loss both in general and in a row, I don’t know what happened really, almost each (week)day this week I accomplished two of the three “big” tasks, creating/posting 20 MOTs and writing 1000 words, but it was the little tasks, mostly watching an episode from my DVD collection (I’m currently watching Utena) and reading (I’m almost finished with “Under the Dome”) that did me in. But I still feel a bit accomplished since I’ve gotten so much work done on my short-story, so I’m walking away from this loss with a smile!

Finally, the time you’ve all been waiting for! This week’s song of the week:

This week’s song of the week is an Epic Rap Battle by Nice Peter (featuring EpicLLOYD) that pits Bill Gates against Steve Jobs. I really like this ERB and I figured I should share it with anyone who hasn’t yet seen it! Anywho, I’m off to work on “Titan II” s’more (I can hear the words calling me!) so, as always if you have any comments, questions, tips or concerns you can contact me by e-mail at, or below in the box-type things! “Go then, there are other worlds than these!”

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