Friday, June 15, 2012

We Need More Crayons!

Howdy. Welcome to the sixteenth consecutive Weekly Ramble! If you’re a returning reader then you know the drill, but if you’re new to the whole “Ramble” scene then let me explain what goes on here. I write these rambles, they consist of a loose structure and usually have a few recurring themes. For example every week I give you a new song to listen to. I also announce the results of a little game that I play called “Rambler Versus the World”; you can read about that in this ramble. Two more “things” that happen often around here are “Semajj’s Bookshelf” and “The Creator’s Corner”. The Bookshelf is pretty much a compilation of things that I buy, sure it seems like bragging, “Oooh, lookie what I got!” but no one has complained so I keep doing it; plus I add links in the “Bookshelf” page so that you can buy your very own versions of what I get. “The Creator’s Corner” is where I talk about my creative writing “projects”. In addition to all of these “themes” I also talk about random things, that’s mostly where the “ramble” part comes in.
Anywho this week we’ll have most of our norms, but there won’t be any “Semajj’s Bookshelf” (because I haven’t bought anything lately) and no “The Creator’s Corner” (because I feel like it’s more or less taken over the rambles lately. I’ll also talk about Anime Expo, Hair and Hats, a new Contest that will kick off today, and after that we’ll see what happens!

Okay so Anime Expo is in two weeks! Two weeks, I’m so excited! Last night, or perhaps early this morning, the AX people released the official AX Schedule. I haven’t looked at it yet (the last time I tried to go to their site it wouldn’t load) but as soon as I post this ramble I’m going to try again. I’m working on getting some awesome looking /AMP/ business cards made for the con, to hand out to all the people that I meet, as soon as I get the cards I’ll be sure to upload some photos of them and show them off. As I’ve stated before, this will be my second time attending Anime Expo and I hope that I’ll have as great a time this year as I did last. And as I stated in my last ramble, I’m not going to be able to ramble at the end of this month, so if you are interested in “rambling” let me know and we’ll set something up.

I don’t know why but I’m having one heck of a time trying to concentrate on writing this ramble, so pardon any brevity or nonsensical sentences.

Sixteen weeks though, that’s quite a while. My original rambles, the ones on G+ ran for about nineteen weeks at three posts a week, it ran on a Mon/Wed/Fri schedule and are more or less what these are. I had a few silly things that I did like the “So” count where I would keep track of how many times I used the word “So” in every ramble. I also had some cool things that I want to bring to these rambles, but have been putting it off, such as my Word of the Day where I would steal the word of the day from and try to use it in every ramble.
More importantly, I was reading some of my old rambles just now (like I said, I can’t seem to focus today) and I found that I had told a lot more information about “NEw” than I thought I did. Just sayin’.

Today was the first time in quite a while that I haven’t done anything with my hair, and I’ll tell you, it’s pretty weird. For the past few months (probably close to a year now, maybe after summer) I’ve been growing out my hair and at this point it is longer than it has ever been before. So recently I’ve been pulling all my hair back and putting it into a mini-ponytail and capping it all off with a beanie (the Fairy Tail one if you wanna check the Bookshelf), but this morning I was rushed out of the bathroom and didn’t have time to fix my hair, no biggie. Except that my bangs keep falling into my face and bugging me, I won’t cut my hair because of this, I’ll just have to remember to keep a spare beanie at work, for days like this…

Okay now who’s interested in a contest?
No one? Oh well I don’t care!
Today I’m going to launch an art contest! The goal is to design the cover for my short story: “RE;Inspiration: Titan II”. here you can read the first installment of “RE;Inspiration” and get a feeling of what the story is all about.
The rules are simple; all you need to do is design a piece of cover art for “Titan II”.
Obviously no use of existing or copyright stuff is allowed, only original stuff man, original!
The design can be as simple as a few colors and some words, or you can be super creative and make something totally awesome!
The art must be 620 x 1000px (the required size for Smashwords) and should be submitted via e-mail to
I’m no good at making rules like this so; just fill in the rest with other “legal” mumbo-jumbo.
The contest will start as soon as this ramble goes live and the deadline will be Noon (PST) on Friday July 13th. If all goes well “Titan II” will be released shortly thereafter with the winner’s submission as the cover art!
The prize will be either a month of Premium Crunchyroll membership or a $10 (usd) Amazon Gift Card. Plus your art will be on the cover of “RE;Inspiration: Titan II” and you will be mentioned in the opening statements of said short story!
And remember: “Have fun with it!”

Here is an example of what I threw together for the "Titan II" cover, just so you can have something to reference.

Well since I can’t hold my attention for more than three minutes, I think this is a good place to wrap this ramble up. The results of last week’s “Rambler Versus the World” is/was/were 3-4, yup my first loss. Somehow I just couldn’t stay awake last night to finish my “watching and episode” or my “reading” tasks and it was much too late to go do the other tasks, so that stinks… And as mentioned earlier there isn’t a “Bookshelf” today so we’ll move right into the Song of the Week:

This week’s SotW is “Secret Police” as performed by Hatsune Miku. I chose this song because it’s a fun song, and because I haven’t featured a Vocaloid song as Song of the Week since April. Wowzers! Anywho, that all I’ve got today; as always if you’ve got any comments, questions, tips or concerns you can tell me about them at or below in the comment boxes below. Now get out there and draw!

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