Friday, December 14, 2012

Ramble to the New Year

All aboard! Next stop: a new Weekly Ramble!
Well that was a rather short ride wasn’t it? Oh well, now that we’re here shall we get started? First off I’ll talk about an even that will be happening at my favorite thread on the internets, /AMP/; then I’ll probably ramble about a few random things like television, video games and books and then I’ll ramble about rambles. Heck, there might even be more renditions of Carol of the Bells mixed in. Shall we begin?


Most of you readers should have at least heard about /AMP/ by now, I think I do a pretty good job of throwing links in here and there, but if you don’t know about /AMP/ I guess it won’t hurt to tell you. /AnimeMotivational Posters/ is pretty much exactly what it sounds like, we take screen-caps or fan art of anime (although anime “related” images such as Vocaloid and Touhou are generally accepted as well) and posterize them using web sites such as wigflip or image editing programs such as GIMP. It’s a fun thread and if you like anime, jokes or a mixture of the two you might want to check it out.

Anywho, /AMP/ is currently in the middle of a competition to see who can post the most MOTs within a given amount of time (iirc there’s about six days left at this point). And while that competition is fun and all, it seems like there is an even bigger event looming. The Twelve MOTs of Christmas, from what I’ve come to understand, is a parodying of the Christmas song The Twelve Days of Christmas. It would seem that everyone on /AMP/ is welcome to join in with the fun and create a poster (or posters, I’m not sure if you’re allowed to enter more than once per verse) that can be used as a lyric for our new rendition of the classic Christmas song.

As far as I know it’s a fun event for everyone involved. Once the day is done a poll is set up and everyone on /AMP/ votes for the poster that will become the official line for that year’s song. Since this will be my first “The Twelve MOTs of Christmas” I’m pretty excited about it and I’m patiently waiting to take part in the fun!


I’m a slacker. Even though I know I should be working on “RE:Inspiration; Titan III” to finish it as soon as possible I’ve been on a little writing hiatus for the past few days and (so far) I can tell that I’m probably not going to make much progress today. And on that note, I don’t even really want to talk about “Titan III” today, so I’m not going to. Instead I’m going to talk about a television show that I’ve obviously been missing out on. I don’t watch much TV, in fact I don’t even have cable at my house, so any TV watching that I would want to do would have to be done on the internets, at which point I’ll just watch anime instead (I guess by TV I mean American television, I do watch quite a bit of anime). So on Black Friday I found the first five seasons of The Big Bang Theory on sale at Amazon. I was able to buy all five seasons for a total of $40.00, which is an incredible deal. I’ve only seen through the first disc of season 2, but I must say The Big Bang Theory is a brilliant show, I sometimes wish I had a third hand so I could give it three thumbs up!

In addition to The Big Bang Theory, I’ve also started on Spice and Wolf 2 (the Light Novel, not the manga) and I’m making quick work of that, I do enjoy reading about Holo and Lawrence’s financial ventures. And finally I’ve started a new game. I started playing League of Legends a few weeks back, I was hesitant at first, but I’m glad that I gave it a shot.

Oh, and there still hasn’t been any new news on the Black Rock Shooter video game. My fingers are still crossed though.


And now I’ve got a bit of somewhat sad news. I’m pretty sure that this ramble will be the last ramble of 2012. No, I do not believe that the world will end next Friday, but I do believe that I will be taking some time off from sharing these random thoughts and personal experiences. I can’t say for sure if I’ll be back on the first Friday of January, but I will most certainly return by the second Friday of 2013. I hope to have “RE:I; Titan III” finished before the end of the year, and when it is done, even if it’s not a Friday I’ll post here to announce its release, so don’t worry about missing it. So as of now there won’t be a ramble next Friday, or the Friday after that, but there might be one three Fridays from now and if not then, then there will certainly be one on the fourth Friday.


And on that note I think we should wrap things up. But before I bid you all adieu, how about another Carol of the Bells:

And who could forget this week’s song of the week!

Yes indeed that’s one of the renditions of “The Twelve MOTs of Christmas”. Anywho I shall take my leave now, as always if you have any questions, comments, tips or concerns you can leave a comment here on Blogger or you can contact me at or at Twitter @Semajj07. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and have a great New Years! I’ll see you all next year!

Friday, December 7, 2012

And then there were videos...

Greetings reader! I hope that you’re doing well. Can you believe that it’s already December? Well, maybe you can. It makes sense, I mean, it’s been a week since the last ramble and that happened on the last day of November. So it being December isn’t that big of a surprise, but time does seem to be flying. Anywho, today I’ve got a few videos to share, a new MOT song, some more Titan talk (yeah, I know, I’m slow-as-a-snail) and we’ll deal with the rest as it pops into my mind! Shall we begin?


First up is AnimeMOTs’ new YouTube video. For those of you who don’t know, AnimeMOTs is the channel run by /AMP/ for /AMP/ (and anyone else who enjoys the videos) so in this week’s video (once again put together by zendude) is the /AMP/ Creed. Enjoy:

Yay! If you like that and want to see more you can subscribe to that channel and you can visit us over at /AMP/ on the Crunchyroll forums!


Moving on, and since we’re on the topics of /AMP/, I recently started a new MOT Song. This time instead of me making the entire song by myself, I let everyone pitch in (sure, it wasn’t an original idea, but I rarely come up with anything that /AMP/ hasn’t seen in some form or another before). Anyway, this time we all ganged up and made a MOT Song for the song “Warrior” by Disturbed. I don’t have a video of the MOTs compiled with the song, but I do have the MOTs compiled in an album (see here) and below is a YouTube video of the song. You can start the song, click over to the album and follow along, if you want to, I find doing so rather fun!

Okay, this one isn’t /AMP/ related, but it’s that time of the year again, so how about s’more Carol of the Bells?


Heh-heh, I just love that song!


Alrighty then, now we can get down to business. “RE:Inspiration; Titan III” related business to be exact. I know, I know, you’re probably tired of hearing about Titan III, but since it’s a big thing in my life at this point in time, I like to talk about it. Plus, I know there are a few people out there who actually enjoyed the first two and are looking forward to part three. smashwords you can find “RE:Inspiration; Titan” and “RE:Inspiration; Titan II” by following that link, they’re both free and relatively short, so maybe give reading them a thought. Okay, Titan III, the final draft is in the works, it’s mostly set in stone, but I need to go over it and do a fact check, a continuity check, a spell check, a grammar check and probably a billion other types of checks that are eluding me at this time. But other than that (and deciding which foot to stop on) it’s mostly done. Hopefully you’ll see Titan III by the end of the year, but as always, I promise nothing. Stuff happens and I don’t want to break any promises. But I do have the cover art! Once again I turned to my good pal megaflaem to craft a piece of art to adorn the story once it’s finished, and once again he created an awesome piece of work!

On a writing related note, if I can finish Titan III sooner than later, and it is still early enough, I might dig through my folder of “dead-end” stories, dust off a creation that was born around this time last year and see if I can make any improvements to the story of Allen Maxwell and Drip Moonshadow, but that’s not a high priority. Maybe I’ll just spruce it up a bit and post is on smashwords as a gift to all of you readers. But Titan III come first… Or so I tell myself…


And now for something completely different.

Okay, it was just more caroling of the bells, but whatever. This is my ramble, I can do what I want!


I just received wonderful news! A certain package that I had ordered recently arrived! Now, this wouldn’t be anything special, I get packages all the time, but this box came all the way from Japan! I won’t tell you what it is, just because I decided to stop talking about my personal purchases here, but I just wanted to let you know that I’m happy that it’s here. And now, a page from the book of zendude: “LAWL”


And I think that’s about all I’ve got for today. Let’s get on to the Song of the Week then, yeah? I haven’t updated my list in quite some time, so I don’t know if I’ve shared this song before, but I’m pretty sure I haven’t:


And that was “Saints and Sinners” by Flogging Molly! Anywho I’m off to go do stuff! STUFF!!! As always if you have any questions, comments, tips or concerns you can leave a comment here on Blogger or you can contact me at or at Twitter @Semajj07. Banishment… this world!