Friday, June 1, 2012

Nope, no June gloom here...

Dang, it’s June already!?!? Yes. Yes it is.
Hello and welcome to the Weekly Ramble number 14, the first Weekly Ramble in June! As any repeat readers would probably know, last week’s ramble was typed in less than ideal quality, but I plan to make up for that today, because I am all refreshed and ready to ramble! Today I’ll ramble about Anime Expo, Touhoumon, a few other things and then we’ll take a visit to “The Creator’s Corner” to see what the deal with “Titan” really is and we’ll top it all off (even though it’s at the end) with another “Rambler vs. the World” score, a look at “Semajj’s Bookshelf” and finally a new Song of the Week. So let’s hop to it:

To start things off I’ll give you a link: link. Pretty cool huh? Well aside from sarcastic linking and what-not, that link will take you to the official Anime Expo homepage, where you can find a list of newly announced Guests of Honor. I’m pretty excited about some of these guests, and for the sake of time (and word count) I’m not going to go over each and every one. But I will, however, talk about two newly announced guests: Nobuhiko Okamoto and West Coast Customs’ “MGU”. First of all if you don’t know who Nobuhiko Okamoto is, don’t feel too bad, I didn’t know who he was until I read further into the announcement. I was pretty surprised to find out that Nobuhiko Okamoto is the voice of “Rin Okamura” from “Blue Exorcist” “Nizuma Eiji” from “Bakuman” and, my favorite of the few listed, “Accelerator” from “To Aru Majutsu no Index”. So I will definitely go see his panel and maybe even try for his autograph. The second GoH that I’m really, really looking forward to is the “MGU” or Mobile Gaming Unit, a state of the art vehicle packed with gaming computers. Truthfully, I hadn’t even heard of the game “Firefall” that it will be showcasing, and I’ll probably check it out if the line isn’t too bad, but I just want to see this bad boy in person!
While I’m on the topic of Anime Expo, just let me point out that, as of today, it is officially June and that Anime Expo is less than thirty days away. I’m trying my best to contain my excitement!

Next on the list of topics to ramble on is a new game that I’ve been playing in my free time (y’know whenever I have free time but cannot get to my computer to play D3). This game is called Touhoumon; it is a hacked version of Pokémon that replaces the Pokémon characters with characters from Touhou. I don’t know much about the Touhou world, so I decided to pick up this ROM (just search google and play on any GBA emulator) and take it out for a spin. I don’t know how well (or even if at all) Touhoumon relays the story of Touhou and the personality of its characters, but I find the game amusing nonetheless.

Oh just really quick like, my buddy 321agemo put together a video of one of my MOT songs. You can visit the new video (Bakemonogatari x Weird Al) here. Cheers!

Man these next few months will be a little hectic, first of all my Uncle and his family will be coming down from Nevada sometime in the next two weeks, AM2 (a free anime convention) is being held on the 15th through the 17th, then the son of an older friend of mine will be visiting all the way from the East Coast, we’re also holding a LAN party sometime during his visit, then the son of another friend (I have quite a few friends with children my age, who I am also friends with) will be staying at my place for a week or two and finally (at least I don’t think I’m leaving out any major events) is Anime Expo. Looks like a good time to me!

Okay now we’ll take a look into the corner of creation in “The Creator’s Corner”. Today I’ll talk a little bit about my new short story RE:Inspiration Titan. Hopefully if you are a repeat reader of these rambles you also took the time to read the short story that I released last week over on Smahswords, if you haven’t just take that link above and it’ll take to the place where you can download it (or even read it online) for free! If you haven’t read “Titan” yet, you might want to do so because there may be some spoilers ahead. But heck, it might help make sense of the story too, so your choice.
Anyway, the main thing I wanted to talk about here that I didn’t really get to fit into the short story itself (because this information is supposed to be common knowledge by the time “Titan” take place in “NEw” but, meh) is the super-human abilities of some of the characters. Yes, it is explained that quite a few members of “Squad 11” are a scientifically augmented type of human called “Meta-Humans”, and that’s all fine and dandy, I think I did a pretty good job of making that clear, at least I hope I did. But what isn’t explained is a power that is very briefly mentioned, Trip Canta’s “Cyberkenisis”.
Throughout the entire story of “NEw” there are many different supernatural beings that show up; one type of supernatural being that is common in the universe of “NEw” is a Vitalizer. “Vitalizers” are humans, but thanks to Vim cells, a certain mutant type of cell that is formed in their blood, and they have the potential to generate superhuman abilities. Trip Canta, engineer of the Windsor is one of these Vitalizers.
The basic idea behind a Vitalizer is that they can access their power, be it super-human strength or “Cyberkenisis”, by depleting the energy in their Vim cells, so as long as they have charged Vim cells in their bloodstream they can use their Vital Ability. But this doesn’t mean that a Vitalizer’s power is infinite, each Vim cell contains a certain amount of energy that fuels the Vital Abilities, as the Vital Ability is used the Vim cells start to discharge and once all of the Vim in the cells are empty the power can no longer be used. Not to worry though, as new blood is produced, new Vim cells are made and more power is at the Vitalizer’s command.
Trip’s Vital Ability “Cyberkenisis” allows him to communicate and control all forms of machinery. If it’s run by a computer (which in “Titan” a lot of things are) he can command it to do his bidding. Luckily, Trip isn’t evil and he won’t be causing any problems for the rest of the crew of the Windsor anytime soon.
Now on to talk about the fabled “Part II” well, in the original draft, there wasn’t three parts. It was just one long story, in fact it was nearing the length of a novella rather than a long-short story, so I decided to split it into threes. I rewrote the first part, which is the “Titan” that you all know and hopefully love, which means in order to keep the quality consistent and the details in line, I’ll have to write the second part too. So you may be wondering (and I say may because I haven’t heard yea or nay as to whether anyone actually read/liked “Titan”) when the sequel short story will come out, well I’m going to say a few months. First of all I’m a slow worker, secondly I’m going to be really busy in my upcoming free time and thirdly I’m in no hurry to get this out. So I’ll leave it at that, “a few months”.
The End.

No, not really, I’ve still got a few things to say, for example: the score to this week’s “Rambler vs. the World”! This week (starting last Friday and ending yesterday) was almost exactly the same as the previous two weeks, I failed to complete my tasks on the weekend, but instead of Friday being the third failure, Tuesday was. I don’t know why I didn’t complete my simple tasks on Tuesday, but I didn’t. So the final score, for the third week in a row, is Me 4, the World 3. Woot. And now we’ll take a gander at two new items added to “Semajj’s Bookshelf”. This week’s items aren’t exactly new, but I did acquire them this week which is why they are being featured. First up is a slice of wooden watermelon and the second item added to (or next to rather) the Bookshelf is another bookshelf! Is it odd that both items are wooden? Perhaps, but that’s just the way things go. I got the watermelon from my Grandma because, well I don’t’ know why, but I think it makes a fine desk decoration at work. And the shelf also came from my Grandma, it is the sister to the current, official “Bookshelf”, so if you can put seven and three together, you’ll have guessed that I am expanding the “Bookshelf”, yay! Also please note that neither of these items will appear on the "Semajj's Bookshelf" page because I don't know where either of them can be bought, but I'm sure you can find something similar on Amazon or something...

Since I linked you a Weird Al song earlier I thought I’d give you a double dose of “Weird” and make this week’s Song of the Week the “Angry White Boy Polka”. Anywho that’s about it, like always if you’ve got any comments, questions, tips or concerns you can leave me an e-mail at or you can comment in the comment are below, comment. Oh and if anyone is interested I think I might have a free 30 day CR pass, so the first person to e-mail at the above mentioned address or PM me here at CR can test it out. If it works then hurray that person just got 30 days of free CR access, if not then I think I have a 48 hour pass lying around here somewhere… Anyway, stay classy readers, stay classy…


  1. Good stuff! I downloaded your short story just now. I'll read it when I dust off my Kindle (I've taken up a few print books that I'm still working my way through).

    1. Thanks! You may remember it from a conversation we had back in December, when "RE:Inspiration" came to be, but hopefully you'll find it to be greatly improved upon since you last read it.