Friday, June 8, 2012

Snazzy Jazz and the Vampire Slaying Rambler

Good aftermorning readers and welcome to the Weekly Ramble number fifteen. Per the norm I am Semajj (James/J.J./whatever-you-feel-like-calling-me) and I am having a horrible time spelling today! No, not really, I just forgot the “A” in Semajj, but the “Backspace” button exists for a reason. In fact, I once thought about acquiring a type-writer, but then when I took into consideration the “Backspace” button, or lack thereof, I decided against it. Who wants to waste paper now-a-days anyway? Anywho back on track, there aren’t a lot of things that I’m going to ramble about today, but the few things that I am going to ramble about are pretty lengthy. I guess I’ll share some stuff, y’know, a couple links, and then I’ll get into a lengthy talk in “The Creator’s Corner” in which there are two or three of my “Projects” that I’m going to touch upon. So let’s get to it:

First thing: J.R. Nova’s post concerning Ray Bradbury. This is a truly beautiful writing about a truly wonderful man.

Second thing: I’ve done two new MOT songs over at /AMP/, so if you want to see Fairy Tail x Tenacious D; Senorita or Vocaloid x Bowling forSoup; 1985 you can follow those links. They will eventually be video-ized, whether it is by me or 321agemo, only time will tell.

Third thing: Chihayafuru is getting a second season, I’m pretty excited about that, even if it is quite a ways away. Chihayafuru was a great anime.

Fourth thing: Have you read “Re;Inspiration: Titan”? It’s free! You can find it here. If you have read it please let me know what you think.

Hmm one more thing… Bunnies.

Okay onto the meat of this dish we all call rambles. Heh. In today’s “The Creator’s Corner” I’ll talk about “Titan II”, Weekly Rambles and even more Weekly Rambles? So first off, once again, if you haven’t read “Titan” you can find it for free here. Earlier this week I started working on the first draft of the final version of “Titan II” and I think it’s progressing pretty well. The run of things is quite different than I had originally planned, but I think it’ll flow better this way. “Titan II” is pretty much Jacobi’s story and it was originally going to progress over the span of a few years, skipping around from time period to time period to cover the important things, but now the “meat” of “Titan II” is covering a two week period which ends with the beginning of “Titan”. In the beginning of the second installment is another small info dump like in the beginning of the first part, but I think it works, in fact it’ll probably be a thing in all three parts of “Titan”.

One last thing before I move onto rambling about rambles. Yesterday I got my very first feedback on “Titan”. A buddy of mine from /AMP/, Megaflaem read my short story and he enjoyed it, I was quite happy when I heard that my story had entertained someone and now I’m gung-ho for writing more! And when he asked “…WHEN’S THE NEXT PART COMING? WHEN, WHEN, WHEN?” I told him that if it is not finished by Anime Expo (the end of June) then it’ll probably be out sometime in mid-July. I usually don’t like setting deadlines for myself, but I think with this resurgence of “creative juice” I can do it by then. I guess we’ll just have to see!

Now then, the first part of rambling about Weekly Rambles is telling you, my dear reader, is that, unless someone else wants to take up the rambling-reins, on June 29, 2012 (the last Friday of this month) there will be no ramble. As I’ve stated before, Anime Expo is from June 29 to July 2, and since I’ll be attending Anime Expo I’ll be too busy having fun nerding out and all to write a ramble. So if anyone is interested in posting a guest “ramble” let me know, either in the comments below or e-mail me at So for all of you readers out there who don’t want to guest-ramble, I would say don’t expect a fifth ramble this month until further notice.

Lastly I have an idea, well the start of an idea. I think it would be fun to do a monthly contest here. There are a few problems and/or questions that immediately come to mind, such as: “Well if it’s a contest, are there prizes?” and “What kind of things will this contest consist of?”.

Well I’m thinking some sort of scavenger hunt, each hunt consisting of four or five items (depending on how many rambles a month there are) and what you, as a contestant, would have to do is go out into the world (oh my!), find these items and take a picture of them. A problem that arises with this is that people can just go to the big oogle of G and find these items without leaving their keyboard. So maybe I’ll create some sort of logo which needs to be present in each picture, that way even if someone is lazy (or an item is hard to find) you’d still have to do some photo-shopping to make it believable. So if you have any ideas on the contest part let me know, either as a comment below or in an e-mail.

And finally, the prizes! They’ll have to be prizes I can send online, I was thinking CR 30 passes, but I think it’s also plausible to give people Amazon money by giving them the code to a gift-card. So if you have any ideas on what can be done for prizes (remember they kinda have to be online only) let me know!

*Insert snazzy Outro-intro line here* But before we go there is the score to this week's "Rambler vs. the World" which is once again 4-3, the victor being me; I've got to work on taking the whole week rather than just barely winning, meh. And we’ve got to look to Semajj’s Bookshelf to see what’s new! This week I didn’t add anything to the bookshelf, but I did buy tickets to the Anime Expo Masquerade! Well, that was sort of disappointing, but like I said in an earlier ramble, I’m saving money so I can spend a ton at AX, so I think the Bookshelf will grow quite a bit in about a month, just you watch… err read. And now for our song of the week:

Yes, I like this song, heck I like all the songs from the musical episode of Buffy, but I like this one in particular, probably because of the jazzy feel of it... Anywho I’m going to get back to work on some other things, so if you have any comments, questions, tips or concerns you can leave a comment below or e-mail me over at Now then, once more with feelin’…

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