Friday, October 26, 2012

Tricks, Treats and Rambles

Surprisingly enough, this is already the last Friday in October. I know. But hey, that just means that Halloween is really close; less than a week in fact. I personally don’t celebrate Halloween in the “dress up and trick-or-treat” or the “dress up and go to parties” fashion, but it’s the mood of the season that I enjoy so I’m looking forward to more fall-type weather soon. Anyway, it looks like I’m already starting to lose track of where my thoughts are heading, so let’s get to the good stuff. Today I’ll ramble about an /AMP/ related project, a new feature that will start happening around here and we’ll take a trip to “The Creator’s Corner” to see how some of my writing-related projects are coming along. Shall we begin?


Firstly, firstly I’m going to direct you to one my newest projects! As stated earlier, it is the Halloween season and so I decided to do a little Halloween-related project for /AMP/, thus “This Is Halloween” the MOT Song was born! Ain’t it just the purdiest darn MOT song y’all ever dun seen? So, to break it down, I took the lyrics from the song “This Is Halloween” from the musical-movie “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and mashed them together with images of anime characters dressed in Halloween attire. I tried my best to keep each role in the song with certain anime characters. For example, one might notice that every time the Mayor of Halloween Town has a solo-part in the song the corresponding MOT has Azunyan in it; because what town wouldn’t want Azusa as their mayor, right? A few others off the top of my head are Gintoki as the Werewolf, Fate as the Monster Under the Bed, Luka as the Monster Under the Stairs and Yuki-Onna as the Clown with the Tear-Away Face. For those of you interested in how I actually made the Motivational Posters, I’ll tell you! I started by obtaining the raws, half of them were from zerochan and the other half were provided by the folks of /AMP/ when I asked for Halloween-related raws. I then proceeded to make the base MOT with the super-awesome and super-simple generator After I had all of the images with the boarders and what-not I imported them toGIMP where I re-did the text to give it the cool look (the font is called “You Murderer”) and then I was finished! And just because I like people seeing my stuff, here is a link to a collection of imgur albums containing my work, which includes my other 10 MOT songs. As a side note, the version of the song from which I got the lyrics is a bit different (CD versus the movie version) so at one point the MOT has "Halloween!" repeated six times and the movie version only has it repeated four times.


Okay, now for a new feature that we’ll be seeing around here from time to time. It’s not really anything just for rambles, but I figured I’d start sharing the new videos from /AMP/’s YouTube Channel just to try to spread awareness. And so, here is this week’s new video: Anime Motivational Posters: Smaragdos’ Picks - “CODE RED; extra”: 

Sure, I share these on Google+, so if you have me circled you might have already seen this, or if you’re from /AMP/ you’ve probably already seen this too, but a little extra exposure never hurt anyone right? Unless it sun exposure, then you can get sun burns and cancer and stuff. I guess radiation exposure is bad too…


Oh, a little extra bit, I haven’t really rambled about it since returning from my break, but do you remember my quest to collect Companion Pets in World of Warcraft? Well I recently put on my safari gear (not really, but I do hear that in an up-coming patch we’ll be able to get a safari-hat that’ll increase Pet Battle leveling) and headed out into the world (of Warcraft) to get me some new pets! And even though the connection between the in-game Pet Journal and the one of the Armory is a little off, I collected my 403rd pet last night (the Armor says I only have 398, but I really do have 403, please believe me). There are some pets that I’ve obtained that were a bit rarer than others, like the Baby Ape and the Arctic Fox Kit, which only appear with certain weather conditions in certain zones. Then there were a few that were lucky drops and/or rolls like the Darkmoon Rabbit and the Aqua Strider; the Darkmoon Rabbit was won off of a boss on the Darkmoon Island (I rolled a 98 out of 100, woot!), which is only there for one week every month and the Aqua Strider is a rare drop off of a rare-spawn, so those were both lucky gets. I still have quite a way to go before I can obtain the Zookeeper title, but I can’t get that until next summer anyway because of a pet that only spawns in summer, but I should make it so that that certain pet is the last one I need!


And last but not least, we have “The Creator’s Corner”! Just yesterday I started a new daft of “RE:Inspiration; Titan III” and even though I haven’t sorted out some of my existing problems I think this new draft is taking the story in a new, and in my opinion, better direction; especially with the sub-story that starts to take place among the crew of the Windsor at the end of part three. So all in all, other than a new draft and possible new direction, I haven’t really progressed too far in the past week. But I will start talking about “NEw” (name subject to change) and how I’ve recently been Storycrafting that story and how it’s changed from what it was a few months ago. I still don’t want to release many details, but a lot of things have changed since I last talked about the content of the first episode/story/arc/book of “NEw”. I can tell you that it starts right after a big battle; I can tell you that, unlike the “Titan” story, it takes place in an “Old Western” setting; and I can tell you that, while it is somehow connected to “Titan” and “Eleven”, the first part of “NEw” has absolutely nothing to do with “Titan” or any of its characters. Jeez, I really want to talk about “NEw” but at the same time I don’t want to give anything away! Focus brain, focus! Okay! I’ll stop here before I decide to spite myself and share any more information. But perhaps I’ll do a small teaser type-thing after I’m done with the “Titan” series of short-stories, because at the rate I work at “NEw” will take a long time to finish…
Anyway, if you're interested or want to share them, you can find both "RE:Inspiration; Titan" and "RE:Inspiration; Titan II" by following this link.


And that’s all of the crumbling that this cookie has to do. I think I’ve used something like that before, oh well! And so, here we are, at the end of a ramble with only one thing left to do. That’s right; I’ve still got to give you a song to listen to! I don’t know if anyone actually watches/listens to the songs that I post, and I don’t really care, I like having something other than just text in here, you know?


Yup, it’s just “This Is Halloween” from “The Nightmare Before Christmas” if you want you can queue up the video, open up the link from earlier in the ramble and listen to the song while you read along with the MOTs, just sayin’. Anywho, I feel a spur of inspiration coming on, although it just might be my stomach telling me it’s near lunch-time, but either way I’m going to end it here; so if you’ve got any questions, comments, tips or concerns you can leave a comment below or you can e-mail me at And remember kids, staying in school is uber cool!

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