Friday, July 20, 2012

The End

Yo! How’s it hangin’ dear reader? I hope that all’s well for you as you sit here reading this Weekly Ramble. I’ve got lots to say so let’s just jump right in, shall we?

Today’s ramble is a pretty special ramble but I bring with it some sad news. I’ll save the sad news for a bit later in the ramble because who wants to get hit with sorrow as soon as they walk in the door, huh? So I’ll start off by directing us to a certain corner occupied by a certain persona of mine: “The Creator’s Corner”.

If you’ve been following my rambles you may know of a certain story project of mine, I like to call it “NEw”. For those of you who don’t know “NEw” I’ll do a quick rundown for you.

“NEw” is a series of books that I plan on writing -in fact as soon as I finish the “RE;Inspiration: Titan” trilogy I plan to start on some “NEw” related things- and have been lazily working on for a few years now. In recent times I’ve put on my serious face and have worked it up and/or down and I think the general story/plot line is somewhat solid. As far as I have planned “NEw” will have eleven “books” but I have yet to see the end of “NEw” and have been stuck at the end of “book” eleven for quite a while now. And this leads to the real meat of today’s “The Creator’s Corner”:

I, after many months of searching, have finally found the beginning of “book” twelve of the “NEw” series! I can’t share any details (not that there are any real details on any other “books” in the “NEw” series) but having come up with this continuation I feel like I’ve taken a huge step in the right direction. I really feel like patting myself on the back for having overcome this obstacle and hopefully I can continue to “storycraft” “book” twelve in the weeks to come.

Speaking of weeks to come, as this month, July, comes to a close “RE;Inspiration: Titan II” also draws nears its final stages. I’ve started on the final draft and will hopefully be finished with it sometime next week, then after some rigorous proof-reading I’ll be ready to release the sequel to “RE;Inspiration: Titan”! So I hope you’ll be looking forward to that sometime in the next two weeks.

Ready for some sad news? I am!

It took some consideration, but I have officially decided to end my game of “Rambler versus the World”. For reasons I’d rather not explain, although laziness plays a small part in it, I’ve decided to put my game on hold. I might get back to it, but with all that’s going on in my life at the moment I cannot keep up with all of my tasks. To be honest it was the little tasks (reading, watching a DVD and posting) that were killing me, but the “Post 20 MOTs” per day was pretty hard to meet sometimes as well. Will I resume my game? Maybe, probably, but when I do I’ll probably have a few changes to the tasks; but who knows. I suppose the real reason I started playing “Rambler versus the World” was to get me writing again, and with “Titan” doing as well as it is I think that my motivation is pretty high right now, so I don’t need the game. So from now on you can count on “Rambler versus the World” being absent from my Weekly Rambles.

*sad face*

Did I scare you? Did you think that the bad news was something bigger than that? No? Oh well, moving on; who wants another contest? Yeah, me neither, what with the fantastic track-record that I’ve had with contests here before (one entrant, lol) but hey the prize for this one is something I was going to have sitting around anyway so I figured I’d hand it out to someone!

Have you heard of the video-game World of Warcraft? Have you ever wanted to play this video-game but were scared away by the monthly fee? Well if you have been interested in World of Warcraft but didn’t want to or couldn’t fork up the cash to play I have some news good news for you! Blizzard’s Recruit-a-Friend program just launched a new mount, and if you ask me it’s a pretty snazzy looking ride. In order to obtain the mount I need to “recruit” a friend to the World of Warcraft, and so I am offering one lucky reader the chance to play World of Warcraft on my dime (at least for the few months that I need to buy in order to get the mount).

So if you are interested in winning this free World of Warcraft game-time all you need to do is e-mail me at with the subject “Weekly Ramble WoW Contest” and tell me which class you would play if you were to win the prize. You can go here to find information on all of the classes that are available to play. The winner will be chosen randomly next Friday so don’t wait too long to enter!

One last small ramblegraph before I wrap this thing up. Earlier in the ramble I said that this was a pretty special ramble, which it is, and here’s why: It’s Weekly Ramble Number 20!

That’s pretty good, this is the twentieth Weekly Ramble that I’ve had the pleasure of writing for all of you readers out there. I’d like to thank anyone who reads these rambles for continuing to give me your support, so: Thank you, very much. Like, from the bottom of my heart, thanks!

And before we end this let’s look at some numbers!

It’s been 21 weeks (I skipped one Friday due to Anime Expo) since I started rambling here and over the course of those twenty-one weeks I’ve gotten 1023 page views, incredible!

It’s been just about two months since I released “RE;Inspiration: Titan” on smashwords on May 25th of this year and since then I’ve gotten 124 downloads. That’s amazing!

And finally, just for fun, if anyone from /AMP/ is here and cares I’ve made 1854 MOTs since I joined back in January, pretty cool huh?

So once again thank you all for your continued support!

Oooh it brings a tear to my eye to see those numbers. I know not all of them are readers, some could be spam-bots or something, but even having a half of those numbers I’d be proud! So as we barrel towards the end of our twentieth ramble let’s check out what’s new in “Semajj’s Bookshelf”! This week, just this morning actually, I added the Black Rock Shooter OVA BD/DVD Limited Edition which is awesome because it has a ton of cool stuff; including a Black Rock Shooter and Dead Master mini-nendoroid! And now it’s time for this week’s two songs of the week.

The first song is a repeat, I believe, but it’s an amazing song none-the-less:

That was Redline Day from the movie Redline

And for the actual SotW:

That was “Ho Hey” a song that I heard for the first time yesterday, it’s by The Lumineers. And that’s that, like always if you have any comments, questions, tips or concerns you can leave a comment in the boxes below or you can e-mail me at Don’t forget to enter into the WoW contest if you’re interested and I’ll see you next Friday! Here’s to number twenty and twenty more to come!

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