Friday, January 11, 2013

The New Year "Bleh"s

Hello and welcome to the first Weekly Ramble in 2013. I should start off by saying two things: “Happy New Year” and “I’m not in a rambly mood today”. There are various reasons that contribute to the “bleh” mood that I am in, one of the greatest reasons is my continued procrastination (and other troubles) with “RE:Inspiration; Titan III” but I’ll save that for later. Other than more excuses about why “Titan III” isn’t finished yet, I’ll tell you a story about a story that I wrote and I’ll probably keep it short. So let’s get to it:


As you probably already know: “RE:Inspiration; Titan III” is still a work-in-progress. I planned on using my time off of work to put on the finishing touches over the holidays, but a surprise visit from my sister turned those plans upside down. In other words, I’m still workin’ on it. It’ll be done when it’s done. I’m sure if you’ve read both parts one and two you’d agree with me when I say: “I’m fine with this taking as long as it needs to become a good story, part one was rushed and I don’t want to make that mistake again.”

In other, other words I don’t have an ETA for “Titan III”. It’ll be done when it’s done. No sooner and, hopefully, no later.


And while you all agree with each other that you aren’t surprised that I’m taking forever and a day finishing this, I can point you to an old story (or fan-fic mash-up thing) that I wrote when I was in middle school: Ninja Chronicles. The reason I bring up Ninja Chronicles is because last season there was an anime called “Chunibyo demo Koi ga Shitai!” and a main theme throughout the show is a “disease” that they call “chunibyo” or “adolescent delusions”. And just like Yuta once believed himself to be the Dark Flame Master, I once had the delusion that being a ninja was possible (without years of training from an actual dojo and whatnot). Sure it is largely based on Naruto because Naruto was a big thing back then, but it is set in a future world where my friends and I are the main characters. As a side note I think it’s pretty funny that the last arc that I wrote in Ninja Chronicles consisted of an army of zombies (hint-hint nudge-nudge).

Anywho, when I was in middle school I was a ninja, my friends were ninjas and I kept track of our adventures. I wrote Ninja Chronicles as a weekly e-mail story and after 16 chapters I decided to re-do the entire thing to make it an actual story and blah blah blah, it got shelved.

So just for fun, if you don’t mind middle-school writing-level writing, I welcome you to see who I was when reality was a bit too difficult to deal with.



And now it’s time for a song and a farewell. This week’s Song of the Week, the first Song of the Week in 2013, is “Midlife Crisis” by Disturbed. Enjoy:


Once again, that was “Midlife Crisis” by Disturbed. That’s all I’ve got for you today, so as always if you have any questions, comments, tips or concerns you can leave a comment here on Blogger or you can contact me at or at Twitter @Semajj07. Pyon~ pyon~ pyon~

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