Friday, November 16, 2012

Swing a Little More

Middle of November, that it is. That means that it’s time to start considering Christmas shopping, oh boy. My wallet weeps already. But we’re not here to talk about my spending habits, we’re here to ramble! Well, I’m here to ramble, you’re here to read. If you really are here. Are you here? Anyway, back to business: Today, as it were, is Friday and that means that I’m busy typing away to rid myself of the pent-up stoopid thoughts that somehow seem to hang around in my mind. Yay! I don’t really know what I’ll be rambling about yet, so I guess it’ll be a surprise for all of us!


Let’s see, there’s no new AnimeMOTs video this week, so I guess I can’t share that. I can link you to the /Anime Motivational Posters/ thread: /AMP/. Remember if you do decide to stop by and post, read all the rules first, no one likes a rule-breaker.

What else, what else…

I guess I can re-post a link to my imgur albums: link. There you can find (more-or-less) everything that I’ve made for /AMP/. Most of them are simple MOTs, but there are other things like some of my GIMP creations and a few MOT Songs, y’know if you’re interested in lookin’ at that stuff.

Hmm, I covered Halo 4 last week, uhh, yeah. Not much has been going on. I mean, there’s a sale at RightStuf for Black Friday/Cyber Monday so if you like buying anime and stuff you can check that out if you haven’t already…

It’s been a slow week for me.

Oh! I remember something! Earlier this week Blizzard announced the release date for StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm. It’s comin’ out in March of next year, so that’ll be something to look forward to, I might even re-install Wings of Liberty and re-play the campaign before it’s released. I’m not really a competitive player, but I do enjoy the story, so I’ll most likely be buying HotS when it comes out in a few months.

Still no news on the Black Rock Shooter game, which makes me a sad Semajj, but there’s nothing I can do about it (other than import the Japanese game and hope I can understand the story without the words).


I know, how about a webcomic to read? I may have shared this before, but maybe some new readers (lol, like I get new readers) will be interested in it. Today, I point you to LFG. The webcomic follows the adventures of Richard, an “evil” warlock, and his elven pal Cale. It’s a pretty funny series and I’ve been following it for about a year now, so if you’re a fantasy fan and you like funny stuff you might want to give LFG a go.


Okay, so how about anime? I finally reached the final box in the Utena collection, so hopefully I can finish that over the weekend, catch up on a few of the newer shows that I’ve yet to see and maybe even start Clannad. And concerning the Fall season, I’m really slacking. I’m still all caught up on some of the longer running shows like Space Brothers, Hunter x Hunter and Shirokuma Café; but other than the few that have been running since last season or before Tonari no Kaibutsukun (My Little Monster) is the only show that I’ve started this season. I plan on checking out a bunch of other shows, because I’m pretty open-minded when it comes to anime, I’ve just been handling my free-time poorly these past few weeks. Between World of Warcraft and Halo 4 I’ve left myself very little time for anime, but that’s all changed! In World of Warcraft my character, Faulted, is now exalted with every faction in Pandaria, which means that I no longer have to do a ton of daily quests every day, and that frees up some major anime-watching time! And I beat Halo 4 pretty quickly, so I can’t blame too much time-wasting on that, but I’ve still logged a good 8~10 hours since it came out.

This weekend just so happens to be a “laundry” weekend, I usually spend the ~hour between putting the clothes in the washer and waiting for them to finish watching anime, so hopefully my aspirations can be met. J


And even though I haven’t reached my 1k words (who counts anyway, right?) I think I’ll stop here, or shortly after here. But before I go I’ll give you another song to listen to. It may be new to you, it may be old, but no matter if you’ve heard it before or not; here’s “Devil’s Dance Floor” by Flogging Molly:

Pretty good, right? Anywho, I think it’s time to make like a banana and split, so if you have any questions, comments, tips or concerns you can leave a comment here on Blogger or you can contact me at or at Twitter @Semajj07. Zettai unmei mokushiroku!

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  1. Sup man! I am animefan1254 on AMP so now my identity has been revealed *insert frowny face here*. I LOVE Flogging Molly! I was so mad that they are going to be in my neck of the woods but I won't be home. You really should watch My Little Monster since its cute, fun and moments where you go, "Did he just do/say what I thought he did/said?" LoL. See you around AMP!