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Talley-Ho! And Stuff...

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Hello and welcome to another Weekly Ramble! As always I am your host, the mild-mannered and overly-humble rambler that is called James! If you’ve been counting then you should know that this is Weekly Ramble #22. If you haven’t been counting, but you did just read the previous sentence, then you also know that this is Weekly Ramble #22. Today I’m going to ramble about a few things. Yes! I found what was making me feel so “meh” about rambling recently; I haven’t actually been rambling! Sure I talk about news, video games and my personal works but I haven’t been doing what I started this all with; random non-sensible honest-to-goodness rambling! So today I’m going to ramble about RightStuf Entertainment and I’ll do a fun little segment called “The Road to 2k - MOTs! Tally-Ho!” (I had quite a bit of fun making up that title just now). But just because I’m returning to the rambling-roots of rambles doesn’t mean I’m going to leave my system in the mud, so as always we’ll be sneaking over to “The Creator’s Corner” to see what’s going on there, we’ll also check in with Semajj and his bookshelf to see what’s new there, and as always I’ll give you a new song to listen to. Let’s do this!

OH! I just had an awesome idea that will kill multiple birds with one very-large stone! So this ramble will turn out a bit differently than I had planned, but it’ll all make sense eventually! I’m in an exclamatory mood today. Yay! Exclamation marks! Yeah and stuff, woot, even. So look forward to a new twist somewhere around a certain shelf later today.

So yeah, RightStuf. I often order my anime from them because they are a good place to get anime from, but one thing that they do that just really bugs me is their “We’re Working on It.” e-mails. I understand that some people probably lose track of their orders (heck, I pre-ordered Ano-Hana twice on accident) but every time I open my e-mail app on my phone and I see a new e-mail from RightStuf I get excited. “Sweet I’m gonna get something soon!” but then it’s always “We’re working on your order…” But, you know, first world problems and stuff. While I’m on the topic of RightStuf, or rather buying anime, for those of you who don’t know: Stein’s;Gate part one is coming out in September! How awesome is that?

What else, what else? Oh Toaru Majutsu no Index (A Certain Magical Index) is coming out in October, I’ve been waiting quite some time for that series. Heaven’s Memo Pad is coming out soon too, I really liked that one. Oh and Durarara!! Is getting some sort of box set, but it’s super expensive just like the normal editions, so yeah…

Bom-bom-buuum~ “The Road to 2k ~ MOTs! Tally-Ho!”~

So this morning, out of curiosity, I opened my /AMP/ folder and looked to see how much it had grown since I last looked, and holey-moly I’m pretty darned close to reaching 2000 MOTs! I think that’s pretty good considering I was just off having fun and whatnot. It sucks though because lately I feel like I’ve been distant toward /AMP/, like I haven’t been contributing as much as I used to, I haven’t been contributing as much as I feel like I should, and I don’t like that. /AMP/ is fun and I like fun, but lately I haven’t been able to come up with “quality” MOTs.

Excuse me for a second, I’ll try and make one up:

Wow that one’s actually not too shabby. Let’s try again:

See? It’s almost like something’s missing, but maybe I’m just over-thinking it and I should just concentrate on having fun. It’s not like /AMP/ is a constant battle to see who’s the best line-writer, right? Anyway /AMP/ is fun and I’m going to see (if work isn’t too busy) if I can bust out those 30~ish MOTs that I have standing between me and 2k! Yay!

Okay and now it’s time to visit “The Creator’s Corner” to see what’s going on- wait what? Oh really?

This just in folks: “RE:Inspiration; Titan II” has been released!

(hint: click on the picture ^^^ to go to Titan II)
Awesome! I had a little help on this one (with the cover art, some editing and some technical issues) but I think it’s much better than part 1 because I had a helping hand to spot the small errors that I couldn’t find with my tired-eyes. Like LEGOs, there’s always that one piece that you just can’t find and then someone walks up and picks it out right away, fresh eyes see stuff that you normally wouldn’t and whatnot.

So cool, T2 is out of my hands and off of my mind, if you read it and like it please share it with your friends and stuff, spread the word and stuff. (Creator’s note: I’m going to name this week’s ramble “And Stuff” just because I’m in a non-serious mood and stuff…)

With T2 gone and out the door the next thing on my plate is “RE:Inspiration; Titan III”, of which I’ve already started my first draft. You see, back in the day “Titan” was going to be a single short-story. I had written all of what is now T1 and most of what is now T2 before I decided to do this for real, the result of that was T1 and now T2. So I’m not sure how T3 is going to go down, I know where it ends but I’m not sure how we (as the readers) are going to get there, I don’t have a “rough draft” to go off of, but maybe that’s not a bad thing. The thing I’m really worried about is the length. T1 was roughly 6000 words. T2 is almost 13000 words. And if T3 goes the way it’s lookin’ like it’s going to go it’ll probably be even longer than that! So I wonder if I should take this trilogy and turn it into a quadrilogy, but I don’t think any of you (my readers) would mind a 20k word story, right? Right?

Okay! Okay okay okay okay okay! I’m doing a horrible job at rambling today, this is probably the worst quality a ramble has been since T1’s release! Although I wasn’t pressed for time with editing/formatting/publishing this time, maybe it’s just the excitement that my story might get read by people that’s keepin’ me so jumpy in my writing. So let’s hurry up and see what’s new in “Semajj’s Bookshelf” in MOT form:

Cool huh? Shameless filler MOTs are shameless and fillery.

And now we move on to this week’s Song of the Week:

Woot! That's "Braveheart" by The GOMBAND which was used as the song for the credits for the Black Rock Shooter OVA, sweet! Oh and before I forget, at the top there’s a new page called “The Watch List” it’s pretty much a list of anime that I watched all the way through each season (from Spring 2012 onward). It also has an “on-going” section for shows like Sket Dance and Fairy Tail that are still going. I won’t update it too much (probably once per season) but that way you can see what I’ve watched, if you’re into that kinda stuff. And with that I’m done here! As always if you’ve got any comments, questions, tips or concerns you can leave a comment on this page or you can e-mail me at Until next time; Tally-Ho~ and stuff~

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