Friday, August 10, 2012

Spoiler Alert!

Hello and welcome to another Weekly Ramble. Today I’ve decided to be lazy and not ramble about much, but maybe that’s a good thing, who knows. So today we’ll take the usual trip to “The Creator’s Corner”, we’ll see what’s new on “Semajj’s Bookshelf” and I’ll show you a new Song of the Week!

So yeah, I’m not really feelin’ too rambly today. Maybe it’s because I’m busy in other aspects of my life right now. Or maybe it’s the heat that’s been keeping me up at night lately. Either way I’m going to cut some corners: “Blah blah blah, blee bloo blah blah bluh!” And yay! We’re at “The Creator’s Corner!”. Let’s check in on my latest published work, “RE:Inspiration;Titan II”, to see how well it’s done during it’s first week! 54 downloads! Awesome!

Moving on, this week I’ve done some work on T3 and it’s already surpassed the original “Titan” in word count! T3’s first draft is coming along bumpily, I’m having some trouble getting it down but I think I’ll manage. What I really want to talk about in this edition of “TCC” is what comes next for me. What is after the finale of “RE:Inspiration”? The answer is “NEw” (name subject to change).

If you’ve been following these Weekly Rambles, or perhaps even the tri-weekly rambles that came before these, you should know a little bit about “NEw”. I haven’t done a stellar job at keeping track of what exactly I’ve rambled about “NEw” but today I’m going to go over everything that I think that I’ve rambled about “NEw” and kind of put the entire thing into perspective, for you and for me.

“NEw” is more or less everything that I have planned to keep me afloat in the world of being an author. You know how they say “Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket”? Well “NEw” is all of my eggs in one basket. Having said that, one might think that if “NEw” fails to gain a following and fails to please fans that I will be “without a paddle”; but that’s only half true. Yes, if “NEw” fails and no one likes it I will be greatly displeased, I may even go into some sort of depression; but that doesn’t mean that my little boat has sunk. “NEw” is somewhat of a compilation of all the little stories that I’ve come up with over the years tied together with a seemingly-generic “main plot”. And that’s what I’m working on right now, the main story of “NEw” (well, you know, that and T3).

So far I have “NEw” mapped out to be eleven to thirteen “books” long. I say “books” because that is apparently all I can do with “NEw” at the moment. If I could have my way I’d have “NEw” be a comic series, but after actually writing for real with the Titan Trilogy I think that I can make “NEw” work just as well in book form.

Some of you may be wondering “Is this ‘NEw’ story somehow connected to ‘Titan’?” and I can happily tell you no. Well, not at first anyway. When I first started talking about Titan (which, as I look back, is only one week before I released it) I told you that it is a “bridge” between “NEw” and a story called “Eleven” and that is still true, “NEw” will eventually lead to “Titan” and like I said before I released “Titan” I’ll probably end up re-writing “Titan” when the time comes to actually connect “NEw” to “Eleven” and things’ll probably be different (not a lot, but maybe some). Which brings me to my next point.

What little feed-back I’ve gotten on the Titan Trilogy has all been good, which is good. So maybe I have a knack for writing “space” but I hope that my knack for writing “space” isn’t the only knack that I have.

Possible Spoilers Below!

“NEw” starts off in an “Old Western” setting. Yeah, that’s really different from space. I won’t say much more, you can find a few hints hidden in “Titan” as to how “NEw” will go from “Old West” to “Space”(well I don’t know if you can really call them hints or if they’re really hidden, but they’re there). And that’s all fine and dandy, I purposely wrote it that way.

 End Spoiler Zone

Okay. I’m stopping here, well at least I’m forcibly bringing it to an end. I’ve lost all sense of direction with this ramble and I feel like I’m just talking in circles (plus I never really go back and edit these after I write them so I’m sure it’s just a mess up there). The thought train has been derailed! So I’ll say: please look forward to “RE:Inspiration; Titan III” which will be out in the near future, after that we may see a “NEw” short story or two but then you won’t see much from me in the way of writing (other than rambles) because a “book” is a big job and it’ll take me quite a while to get a first draft for that, not to mention all the re-writing and editing and whatnot!

Okay sorry for that mess, like I said, I’m tired and busy and I just want to get today’s ramble out of the way. Now then, this week I added one new item to “Semajj’s Bookshelf”! This week I added “Welcome to the N.H.K.” S.A.V.E. edition on DVD, coolio! And now for this week’s Song of the Week:

That was “Virus Alert” by Weird Al, I decided to use this song because for some reason when I though of the title for this week’s ramble (Spoiler Alert) this song came to mind. Yup that’s how I decide my Song of the Week! Anywho I’m tired, my head hurts and I’ll probably regret writing such a sub-par ramble later on, but as usual if you’ve any comments, questions, tips or concerns you can leave a comment in the comment area or you can e-mail me at Ka-pe!

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