Friday, March 2, 2012

It Starts...

Hello and welcome to the first official Weekly Ramble. As you may or may not know, I am James (also known as J.J., Semajj or Semaji~n) the host and/or writer of this here blog. I suppose since this is the first Weekly Ramble I should introduce you (whomever may be reading this) to a few of the common “columns” that will appear in this Blog. But first I’ll tell you what this blog is for and how it’s going to work; “Weekly Rambles” is a blog that I’m writing to make a mark on the map, even if I never get around to publishing my works and I fail as an author, I’ll know that I’ve at least written a blog (but I suppose that in order to get any satisfaction out of that, I’ll actually have to have people read this…). Through these “Weekly Rambles” I’ll talk about my writing, important stuff going on in my life and probably anime at some point. The goal each week is to keep readers informed about my creative writing projects and deliver an ample amount of information (and opinions) on various subjects in around 1000 words.

To start off the feature intros I’ll introduce a tradition that I am carrying over from my original rambles, this tradition is the Song of the Week. Each week I’ll choose a song and share it with my audience, I’ll also be so nice as to include a link to a youtube video of said song. So each week, at the end of my ramble you’ll be treated to a song. I will warn you that my choice in music can vary from J-Pop to J-Rock to Nu Metal to Folk Music and almost anything in between (rap, hip-hop and country are three genres that I usually stay away from though).

Another “column” that will appear in these here rambles is a new thing, I like to call it Semajj’s Book Shelf. Semajj’s Book Shelf will be a short article that will showcase items that I’ve purchased or received during the week. For example (since this is going to be less of a real Weekly Ramble and more of an intro) this week I received a few orders from Amazon and Right Stuf; the first item is a “Cellet Black and Red Bergamo Case” for my cell phone, it’s just a simple leather pouch that my phone fits snugly in and keeps it protected when I’m not using it. The second item I got this week was from Right Stuf, the complete first Season of “K-On!” on dvd. The last item I got this week is a set of “Gogroove AirBand Wireless Bluetooth Headphones” I’ve only had the headset for two days, but I’ll say that I’m pretty pleased with the sound quality and wirelessness. (Since this column is still in the works, I’m still debating whether or not to rate the items, but if I did it’d go something like this)

“Cellet Black and Red Bergamo Case” 3/5, it does its job perfectly, but it’s nothing special.

“K-On! The Complete First Season” 4/5, I haven’t yet watched the dvds but the case and discs themselves are awesome, just like the show.

“Gogroove Airband Wireless Bluetooth Headset” 4/5, quick charge good sound quality and no wires, a good buy in my opinion.

Another type of article, paragraph, ramblegraph, column, section, feature, (really whatever you want to call it), that will appear in these Weekly Rambles will be “The Creator’s Corner” (if you used to follow my old rambles this is a glorified version of “Project Updates”. “The Creator’s Corner” will be where I talk (type) about my current writing projects. As of now I have three “things” going. The first is my main works, a series that doesn’t have a name, but is referred to as NEw (yes, the “e” is supposed to be in caps). NEw is a fantasy/sci-fi story (there are a ton of other genres that it can fit under, but those two fit the best) that has (as of now) thirteen arcs, and is still growing. The two smaller series that I am also working on can somewhat be considered spin-offs of NEw, they are titled “Eleven” and “Volt”. Both “Eleven” and “Volt” can also be put under the fantasy/sci-fi umbrella and are much smaller than NEw (arc wise).

Then there is the “Rambles” a section where I speak my mind on subjects that affect my real life. The subject of “rambles” can be anything from work to bottled water, whatever I feel like ranting about really. As an example I’m going to ramble about a review blog that I’m going to debut on in the coming weeks. A friend of mine hosts an Anime/Visual Novel review blog and I recently took my first steps into the world of visual novels. Since I am fresh to the world of VNs he asked me to review my first play through, which I agreed to, so when that gets done I’ll be sure to mention it in that week’s Ramble.

Now that the introductions are finished (although as time goes by I’ll probably think of more stuff to put in these blogs) I’ll start the end of the blog with some “Rambling” with a bit of “The Creator’s Corner” mixed in.

Back in the end of January, when I ended my “Rambles” and took a break to rest up and prepare for “Weekly Rambles”  I promised that I would also maintain another blog called “Ramble Tales”, sadly I’ve moved my “Ramble Tales” project folder into the scraps folder, where all of my dead story ideas go. For those of you who don’t know, “Ramble Tales” was going to be a monthly shorty story blog; then as time went on (after the first “Ramble Tales” story was posted, a special Christmas story) I decided to turn it into a continuing story following the main characters; Allen Maxwell and Drip Moonshadow. The end of January came and went and “Ramble Tales” 2 never came out. As much as I liked the characters Allen and Drip, I couldn’t find a plausible way for them to go on an adventure (because why would the apprentice of Santa Clause and an Elf from the Workshop go out to save the world?). In the end I’ve decided to keep my “creative energy” focused on “NEw”.

As we barrel towards the finish line of the first official “Weekly Ramble” I’d like to give a shout out to my friends at /AMP/ for being awesome, also to TheGameEnforcer ( who writes an awesome fanfic and has inspired me to take NEw to new (haha) heights of awesome; and Cecilthedarkknight ( who is an awesome reviewer and has asked me to contribute to his page. Now as I sloppily bring this ramble to a close, I present to you the song of the week for the week of March 2, 2012: “Daydream Syndrome” by Marina Fujiwara. (

Well I hope that everyone had a semi-enjoyable time reading my new blog, if you have any comments, questions, tips or concerns you can send me an email at or comment below. So then, see you next Friday.


  1. I really do enjoy your writing style. It's very clean and friendly, almost conversational.

    1. Thanks, and it means a lot that you took the time to stop by and read this.