Friday, April 6, 2012

Semajj vs. Quad City Djs

Boy is today a busy day, but no matter how busy I get I’ve got to make time to ramble. Are you ready for the sixth Weekly Ramble? The first Weekly Ramble in April? Oh I’ve got some good news to dish out today, yes sir (or madam) this has been a good week for me indeed. I’ll start things off with some news (actually it’s more than some, it’s quite a bit), then I’ll have a small visit to “The Creator’s Corner” and we’ll wrap things up with a look at “Semajj’s Bookshelf” and a new Song of the Week. Ready?

Yes indeed this week has provided a plethora of great news, but before  I get to that I’d like to share a new trend that has been spreading around the Tube of You commonly referred to as “Quad City Djs vs.”

This new trend takes popular songs (in my experience mostly J-pop/rock songs) and mixes them with the Quad City Djs song “Space Jam” and I’ve got to say, ever since my first encounter with a “Quad City Djs vs.” song I’ve been addicted to them, so throughout today’s ramble I’ll be linking some of my favorite mixes. Hopefully you’ll find them as entertaining as I do.

Last week I mentioned the release of my friend J.R. Nova novel “Rising” and I just wanted to give him another shout-out because so far (I haven’t finished it yet, but I’m more than half-way through) the book is great. Once again it’s available on Amazon and Smashwords and I believe that there is a preview available at Smashwords.

Now on to the good stuff; remember last week when I complained that my dad and sister got into the World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria beta and I didn’t? Well I checked my account Wednesday night and found that I had been given access in the sixth wave of beta invites. It took pretty much all night to download but when I got home from work on Thursday I had a whole new world waiting for me. After I copied my Shaman, my Hunter and my Mage from the live realms I created a new Pandaren Monk and started leveling. So far I’m very pleased with the pacing of the new level 1-12(ish) Pandaren content and the way the Monk class is played (even though at level twelve we still only have four abilities). Anyway, it’s safe to say that for at least the first few months of Mists of Pandaria, I’ll continue to pay for World of Warcraft. gg blizz, gg…

Another small note regarding Blizzard, they released a new Diablo III site and they’ve announced the official pieces for the Monopoly: World of Warcraft Edition. Personally, I want to be the Gnome-Bot.

Next, next, next, what’s next? Ah yes, anime! This week Crunchyroll has announced a bunch of new titles that they are going to stream for their spring 2012 Simulcast season. The following titles have been added since my last ramble: Saint Seiya Omega; Yurumate 3Dei; Naruto SD: Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals; Sengoku Collection; Polar Bear Café; Saki Episode of Side A; Upotte!!; Kuroko’s Basketball; Phi Brain (S1 and S2); Kids on the Slope; Mysterious Girlfriend X; and finally Tsuritama. Wow that’s a lot of shows, and they have at least two more unannounced titles as seen here. Also in Simulcast news Viz Anime of Viz Media announced the Simulcasts of Zetman (which aired last Friday and was pretty action-packed), and Accel World (which airs today, and I cannot wait to watch it). Sadly Viz uses hulu so unless you are a hulu+ member you cannot watch it in 1080p and you have to sit through commercials (but I’m just glad I don’t have to watch it illegally). Oh and hulu also sucks because if you aren’t in the US, you can’t watch it…

One last thing before I move on to “The Creator’s Corner”, as I’ve mentioned before I’ve become quite addicted to posting on a forum thread called /AMP/. A thing that I like to do to contribute is to match up a song and an anime and make Motivational Posters of the two (I wasn’t the one who came up with the idea, I just borrowed it and stuck with it). So if you want to see the four songs/anime that I’ve mashed up so far, click here. Each “album” name is the title of the song if you want to look up the song and follow along with the MOTs.

And now for an update on NEw: it’s still in progress and since I’ve been busy this week I’ve traded writing time for storycrafting time so it’s not much farther than it was last week, on paper at least. For those of you who don’t know (mostly anyone who stumbles upon this blog) what I call “storycrafting” is pretty much writing the story, but in my head. I don’t usually like what I end up with when I try to explain stuff on paper, so I usually focus on one subject at a time and break it down, find out every little detail about it and keep that knowledge in my head (although I do have a note sheet that is several tens of thousands of words long). So as far as the rough draft of NEw goes, it is more or less where it was last Friday, but in terms of actual content and character/setting/story development, quite a bit has been done.

And now, once again, we are in the final stretch and it is time for “Semajj’s Bookshelf”. This week I added a lot of items to the “Bookshelf” such as: Rozen Maiden, the complete collection on DVD; the Funimation Spirit Gun Bundle (all four seasons of Yu Yu Hakusho) on DVD + a Funimation tote bag that came free with it; Dream Eater Merry, the complete collection on BD; a $10 blind bargain item (which I cannot remember the title of, I’ll edit it in later if I remember to); Princess Jellyfish, the complete collection DVD/BD combo pack; Princess Resurrection Collections 1 & 2 on DVD; Puni Puni Poemy/Kekko Kamen DVD Double Feature; and finally Revolutionary Girl Utena Collector’s Sets 1, 2 &3 (which includes the entire TV anime, the movie and each box came with an art book). Wow that’s a lotta stuff, 11 items; my wallet sure did shed some tears…

Before we part, I’d like to introduce you to this week’s Song of the Week: “The Mariner’s Revenge Song” by The Decemberists.

And that about does it, once again I’d like to thank J.R. Novafor helping spread the word about my rambles. Anywho, thanks again for reading, and as always if you’ve got any comments, questions, tips or concerns, you can e-mail me at or leave a comment in the designated area below. Ta-ta for now!


  1. Barkley is fun with anything :D

    Thanks for the plug, James. I'm super happy you're still enjoying the story.

    I hate weeks when I can't get to my work like I want to, but you've handled it well by at least storycrafting.

    1. Sorry for the late response, but yes I am very much enjoying your novel so far.

      I know it's still far, far away but I'm already looking forward to the second installment.

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